Sarah Carr

Sarah Carr was born in West Virginia and currently lives in Philadelphia, PA. She first learned felting techniques from Michael Cornfield at Marshall University, where she studied art and earned a degree in Anthropology.

She became fascinated by the properties and possibilities of wool, and began years of experimentation with wet and needle felting techniques. These experiments eventually led to her current way of working, in which she hand-makes thick, laminated felts, deconstructs them, and then reassembles the pieces in a way that is both painterly and sculptural.

Sarah's work is driven by a love of color and line. Her pieces explore the emotional and neurological impact of juxtaposed color. and use repeating lines to create visual rhythm. Sarah is also a trained dancer and a choreographer, and her fiber compositions are highly influenced by her movement aesthetic. 

Sarah is also Artistic Director of the dance theater company WeftWorks, where she creates costumes a fiber sculptures for performance, as well as choreographing and designing the productions. 

Sarah's studio space is at the Crane Old School in Olde Kensington, and can be visited by appointment. She is active on Instagram (@carrarts) and her work can be found on Facebook at sarahcarrarts.