Sarah Carr is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Philadelphia. Her work includes fibers, printmaking, dance, and writing. Whether her medium is wool felt or the human body, her pieces explore texture, line, and rhythm using vibrant colors and abstracted forms and patterns that provoke thought and encourage imagination. Her art engages the viewer, harnessing the human tendency to organize our experiences in terms of what we find familiar: a series of lines evoke sand dunes or waves; a dark, angular shape becomes a mountain in the mind of the viewer.

Sarah’s mother, Susan Carr, was an art educator who encouraged her children to explore art in every medium. There were always projects in progress at the Carr household, from watercolor paintings to screen printing to soft sculpture dolls. Her mother also enrolled her in her first dance class just before her 5th birthday. and has always associated creative activity with Sarah also began dancing at a young ageAt Marshall University, Sarah studied anthropology and art, and was introduced to weaving, felting, spinning and dyeing by professor Michael Cornfeld. Through years of further experimenting, Sarah found a way of working with felt that allowed her to satisfy both her painterly and sculptural inclinations. 

Sarah begins each new work with a rough idea and a color palette in mind, but there is the opportunity for spontaneity in every step of her creative process. Starting with carded wool fleece, she may employ resist techniques or add 3D elements during the wet felting process. After the fiber has felted, she deconstructs it, cutting it into pieces and pulling it into parts before assembling it again in the desired composition.

Sarah is a member of the Surface Design Association and the International Felt Makers Association. She is active on Instagram (@carrarts) and her work can be found on Facebook at sarahcarrarts.